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Wochenkarte von 09. bis 20. Dezember 2019
Bratwurstmit Pommes Frites8,20 €
Großer Salat Tellermit Putenbruststreifen8,90 €
Schnitzel "Wiener Art"mit Bratkartoffeln und Salat11,80€
Wein des Monats
Gran Lomo, Syrah Malbec, Argentinien0,25l5,90 €


Café and bar ...

Casual meeting place! Fine treats for hunger in between or the bigger healthy food after a stressful day! It is best to sign up in the morning before leaving the hotel in the "Pre-order" below.

On the ground floor is the bistro lounge in modern retro style. It is lobby, restaurant, cafe and bar in one. It is the living center of the hotel - gastronomy and public living room at the same time. Hotel guests are just as to be found here as guests from the city. Here you will find quiet corners and communicative zones. Urban lifestyle mixes with relaxed cosiness.

Events ...

The hosts are the two hoteliers Roland Beutner and Christof Dorn together with their friendly team. All day they serve their guests with hot and cold drinks and the most popular dishes from all over the world, from savory to sweet. For the sports fans among the guests sports highlights are transmitted. News channels inform guests about world affairs throughout the day. With its own series of events on special occasions, the Bistro Lounge is a magnet for those who live and work in Eschborn several times a year.

Open daily from 7:30 to 23:30 |. | Changing offer of small dishes, snacks, coffee and cake.