Duo on top

Success through responsibility!

The Central Hotel Eschborn is since 1994 under the direction of Roland Beutner and his wife Andrea. In 2005 completed Christof Dorn the team. While Christof Dorn looks back on a hotel career at home and abroad, Roland Beutner originally came from science. Today they are both a hoteliers with body and soul. Together they have built the Central Hotel at a leading hotel in Eschborn with international guests.

Personal touch

Every day Roland Beutner and Christoph Dorn found the hotel and maintain direct, personal contact with their guests. Their creed is the individual and sustainable approach to each guest. Your passion is high quality in every detail and personal service. The result: enthusiastic guests, of which around 50 per cent regulars.

Loyal employees

In addition to the guests, employees are the most important people in the hotel for Roland Beutner and Christof Dorn. In their view, are trust and the transfer of responsibility for the key commitment and quality. Over the years they have built a team of experienced employees.

Acting sustainably and responsibly

The Central Hotel Eschborn is involved in many ways, for example, through the use of fair trade organic coffee, support for regional projects and social institutions as well as the sponsorship of Kinder-in-Bedraengnis.de clubs.